MWW photosWeddings are a photo shoot on the move with varying light conditions, backgrounds, color temperature and other logistics around every corner. My background in commercial photography has uniquely prepared me (I call it photographic cross-training) as a wedding photographer now, to optimize the quality of my imagery on the go having worked extensively within many facets of the art.

For 15 years while living in LA, my commercial work was published in over 50 different magazines and books. I’ve been lead photographer on several award-winning advertising campaigns working for companies from Toyota Motor Company, Pioneer Pro DJ, San Diego Magazine, Fender Corp, Roland U.S and many more.

I began my career working for several modeling agencies in model development. This meant I was often working with talent who weren’t completely comfortable in front of the camera and it was my job to read this, put them at ease and provide guidance whenever necessary. This helpful collaboration has proven invaluable working with couples and their families!

Wedding details, including the dress, shoes and jewelry are essentially product photography. In the studio, impeccable lighting and compositon are key. Having this experience and being thoroughly familiar with the equipment I use really help maximize the quality of these images throughout a wedding.

My personality and easy going nature have allowed me to relate to and photograph a variety of subjects, from the Wu-Tang Clan to President Jimmy Carter, Neil Armstrong and Harrison Ford. Being affable in this way is a huge advantage during a wedding when so many different personalities are involved.

When some of my landscape imagery was featured in Rangefinder Magazine, Chris Wiltz, editor said “James’ landscape photography is very dynamic. The consistency and sharpness with which he captures environments is simply breathtaking.” I mention this because the beauty of nature is very near to my heart and I include it within my wedding work every chance I have!

With this commercial success, I think it’s fair to ask, why the transition to wedding photography? When my wife Kim and I were married ten years ago, we moved from LA and promptly fell in love with San Diego. Our plan was to combine two great passions in my life, imagery and the institution of marriage, in one of the most beautiful wedding capitals in the world. I love what I do, we love where we live and we‘ve never looked back!

For more information or if you’d like to schedule a meeting in person under no obligation, feel free to contact me. It would be my pleasure to talk with you about your big day and answer any questions you have!

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